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Wednesday 29 June

Meeting ID: 894 4420 4578
Passcode: 873719


  1. Dial in from your own device, in a completely separate location / meeting room from other participants.

  2. Head into the waiting room 5 minutes before the start time.

  3. Complete your pre-work by the deadline.


Hi everyone,

I'm looking forward to seeing you for these two important Management Training modules: Coaching Skills and Fearless Feedback.

A coaching culture is one that fosters a growth mindset, one that empowers individuals to tap into their internal resources. Your teams will develop the confidence to think for themselves; they will learn to be proactive, stepping up and using their initiative, at every opportunity. 

The art of giving and receiving feedback is business-critical. It’s how we learn and develop; it’s how we understand others’ perceptions of us; it’s how we create a culture of openness and honesty within the agency. 

Module 1: Coaching Skills

  • Use the GROW coaching model to help team members with clarity and decision making

  • Check for understanding, providing space for questions and recognise incongruous non verbal signals

Modules 2: Fearless Feedback

  • Understand how to structure critical feedback

  • Adopt the right language and tone for the situation

  • Create an everyday coaching culture within the team

See you soon!




  1. During the session, you will be asked to give some development feedback, based on the case study provided or a real scenario of your choice. Watch the video below to understand the structure you need to follow. ​

Watch this video

2. Complete this Performance Feedback Exercise and send it to Emily by Monday 20 June.