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Tuesday 13 April 2021


Meeting ID: 829 3292 6968
Passcode: 431723


Hi everyone,


Building on previous AD sessions, Coaching for Leaders and Fearless Feedback, this 2-hour workshop teaches how to give high quality, ‘in the moment’, Performance Feedback to team members.


So that you can practise providing feedback to each other, you must thoroughly prepare a short presentation:


You have 5 mins to pitch a recommendation to a client, who is notorious for asking for ideas, but terrible at signing them off. Use this NOSE framework to prepare your business case and send the completed template on page 3 to Emily by midday Friday 9 April


On the day, your presentation will be measured on the following:

  • Delivers in an authentic, conversational style (not reading from a script)

  • Demonstrates strategic thinking

  • Uses assertive language

  • Closes confidently, guiding the client clearly towards next steps for sign off

See you next week!