Savage Communications


Wednesday 22 June 2022


Venue: Heaps+Stacks



Hi everyone,

I'm looking forward to seeing you for Pitching for New Business.


This interactive training will provide you with the opportunity to hone your communication skills, and present the best version of yourself in pitches and presentations. You will appreciate your personal presentation style and learn strategies for adapting it, where necessary. 

  • Hone vocal delivery – pace, tone, volume and clarity – becoming aware of personal habits

  • Consider the differences between virtual and in person pitches

  • Command trust and respect, by finding the perfect balance between warmth and competence 

  • Learn how to dial up or de-emphasise your energy levels, according to your extraverted / introverted inclinations 

  • Think on your feet, fielding difficult questions and objections 

See you soon!



As usual, there is some prep to do beforehand, so that we can maximise the impact of the training. You will need to allocate a good hour to do this properly.

You have been invited to pitch for a new piece of business [insert client of your choice].

We would like you to put together a 3-min explanation of ‘Who we are and how we can help you’.  To make it as authentic as possible, you need to have a real client in mind. You are not allowed to use PowerPoint; this is a relaxed, but well-considered ‘conversation’, not a ‘presentation’. We will be listening out for the following: 

Who we are

  • Have you introduced yourself well?

  • Have you communicated what Heaps + Stacks does, clearly and succinctly?


How we can help you

  • Have you thought about what the client’s particular priorities and interests might be? 

  • Have you included at least one relevant example of how you have supported other clients with similar needs? 

  • Have you explained the impact you had on those clients, in a measurable way? 

(Note: You are not pitching a concept; you are simply introducing yourself and the agency offer.)