1:1 and team coaching







I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed our sessions and what personal growth I feel. Thank you so much.

Really appreciate all your support. It has genuinely helped me communicate better and given me the perspective and headspace to think more logically.

I’ve really enjoyed working with you over the past few months. Your coaching has had a huge impact on me, professionally and personally.


The aim of 1:1 executive coaching is to give senior management a dedicated forum in which to develop their leadership skills, re- evaluating and reinvigorating current working practices.

It provides clarity around professional values, beliefs and direction, enabling participants to create workable action plans for their short and long-term career. It uses proven coaching techniques to encourage individuals to step outside themselves to problem-solve and reassess common behavioural patterns.

Typical questions that may be answered through coaching:

  • How can I be an inspirational leader?
  • How can I redefine my role in the organisation?
  • How can I create the time to achieve the things that are really important to me?
  • How can I balance my career with my personal life?
  • How can I demonstrate executive presence? 
  • How can I better use my strengths for the good of the company?


Each programme is shaped around the participant's needs and can also cover vital skills, such as:

  • Leadership skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Business development
  • Stakeholder relationships


Team coaching helps leadership teams work together, with others and within their wider environment, to create lasting change, by developing safe and trusted relationships, better ways of working and new thinking, so that they maximise their collective potential, purpose and performance goals.

It can provide a range of benefits:


We take an outcome-focused approach, setting clear programme objectives upfront,  carefully tracking progress and evaluating success. 

We use an in-depth diagnostic tool and a series of discovery interviews, to assess the team and inform the programme focus. 

Here is an example of a team coaching journey: 

Benefits of Team Coaching.png
Team Coaching Journey Sample Timeline.png


Our ‘Coach in Residence’ package takes the form of a monthly coaching ‘drop in’ day. This service means that executive coaching, often the preserve of c-suite and director-level leaders, is accessible to all employees. ​

It is designed to be a positive, inspirational experience – highly motivational for existing staff and a unique selling point for prospective employees. 

The day covers the following types of individual and group coaching:

       121 Coaching

  • For team members dealing with thorny issues, requiring an independent, confidential sounding board

       Group and Team Coaching

  • To explore a shared challenge, where expert external facilitation is required


       Listening Circles

  • An inclusive opportunity to ensure everyone’s voice is heard, on topics relating to culture and morale


"Kerry has become our ‘Coach in Residence’ and we are really seeing the benefits right across the team – our staff feel more supported, empowered, and energised and this is developing a coaching culture where we speak with integrity and honesty to help one another to learn and develop."
Anna Guyer - CEO, Greenhouse


As a professional member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), I adhere to their global code of ethics, the means by which EMMC regulate the professional practice of all members.