A powerful psychometric tool

to accelerate learning and boost performance

The powerful Insights Discovery® system uses four colours to describe distinct personality preferences: Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue. It’s this simple language which makes the profile so easy to remember and share with others.

The success of any business is built on the performance of its people. Insights Discovery® helps people perform at their optimum by improving their self awareness. People can then easily adapt and connect with others, encouraging innovation, creativity and productivity.


Insights Discovery® uses a language of colour that is simple to understand and remember. It means people can continue to use the terminology on a daily basis, which is vital when conflicts arise, team dynamics shift or there is a change in leadership.

The impact of Insights Discovery® isn't simply in the profile you receive - although that, in itself, is outstanding. The real breakthrough will happen in your business when the lessons of Insights Discovery® are applied back in the real world - when communication is consistently clear and respectful, when managers know how to motivate their people, when salespeople beat their targets by understanding how to relate to their customers, and when everyone on the team is working towards the same goals.

Insights Discovery® can be used to support a number of our other workshops:

To appreciate the full depth and potential of the tool, take a look at a sample Insights Discovery® profile.