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For new managers and senior leaders




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A brilliant trainer, clearly very knowledgeable in the field, so I knew I was in good hands. There was loads of space for honest, open conversations which led to further understanding around different leadership perspectives and approaches. I really enjoyed the session and am looking forward to sharing my learnings with the team.


An immensely useful, action focused and considered leadership course that far exceeded my expectations and delivered on all the objectives I had hoped for. I would recommend the course unreservedly.



I have had a lot of training across my career and this is definitely an absolute highlight of all of them. I have learnt so much more in the last two days, than I have in a very long time. Our trainer was such a wonderful, inviting, and open person who easily created an environment of trust to get the most out of everyone. It has reignited a spark of passion for my role and excitement for what's to come. I would love to do it again!


This advanced leadership workshop is designed to help senior executives build empowered, motivated teams. They will learn vital coaching skills required to nurture a culture of ownership and initiative. They will understand how to support individuals’ career progression, whilst also understanding the nuances of team dynamics.

  • Appreciate the difference between manager and leader

  • Prioritise your time to focus on what really matters strategically

  • Communicate a clear vision and direction for you and your team

  • Navigate the complexities of team culture in a hybrid world

  • Overcome the 5 dysfunctions of a team

  • Build a psychologically safe environment, based on trust and belonging

  • Establish team values and behaviours

  • Resource teams according to their strengths and competencies

  • Support teams in their career progression

  • Create an everyday coaching culture, with a thriving ‘think for yourself’ mindset

Leadership Development


This workshop is ideal for leaders who want to empower and motivate their teams. It shows attendees how to coach individuals successfully, building an environment of 'responsible initiative'. It demonstrates how to stimulate personal pride and ownership, by standing back and allowing teams to think for themselves. As a result, colleagues will perform to the best of their abilities, because it's their own ideas they're implementing and they believe in what they're doing.

  • Understand how to embed a coaching culture within the business

  • Use coaching to foster a growth mindset

  • Appreciate how coaching can be applied day-to-day

  • Identify the core coaching skills for leaders

  • Create an every day coaching culture, with a thriving 'think for yourself' mindset

  • Know when to 'coach' and when to 'direct'

  • Understand the power of active listening

  • Use incisive questions and clean language

  • Apply the GROW model to encourage non-directive self problem-solving

  • Master the art of summarising and paraphrasing

Coaching Skills


This workshop is designed to help attendees to understand their individual management style, to identify the preferred working styles of others, and to use this knowledge to create harmonious, productive teams that feel empowered to deliver great work.

  • Motivate the team to maintain optimum morale and performance levels

  • Play a strategic role whilst overseeing tactical tasks effectively

  • Understand your personal management style

  • Identify and adapt to colleagues' preferred working styles

  • Deal with conflict sensitively

  • Delegate and brief teams consistently, even under pressure

  • Use coaching skills to draw out the best in individuals

  • Apply advanced questioning and listening skills to address areas of dissatisfaction within the team

  • Create a culture of openness, ownership and responsibility

People Management
Performance Management


This module shows delegates how to get the best out of others by having assertive and constructive conversations about performance. They will learn how to make performance coaching a way of everyday working life.

  • Open up career discussions and identify development needs

  • Conduct performance reviews

  • Diagnose poor performance and the reasons

  • Understand how to give critical feedback

  • Communicate assertively and explicitly about expectations

  • Set SMART performance objectives

  • Keep a record and evaluate success

  • Handle push back and denial

  • Learn how to use rewards and penalties

  • Provide regular positive recognition

  • Conduct well-structured, motivating feedback conversations

Our Performance Navigator tool helps delegates to assess whether a performance issue is ’skills’ or ‘attitude’ based and enables them to take the appropriate remedial steps.

Briefing & Delegating


Attendees will come away from this session with a clear idea of how to step up and let go. They will learn how to build a culture of ownership and initiative, resulting in improved performance.

  • Learn to deliver clear, thorough briefings consistently

  • Get to grips with the High Challenge-High Support principles and identify your own underlying beliefs as a manager / leader

  • Understand the importance of stepping up and working at your level

  • Appreciate how to brief colleagues according to their competence and maturity

  • Know when to ‘coach’ and when to ‘direct’

  • Provide the appropriate level of detail and background information

  • Understand the importance of clear objectives and deadlines

  • Check for understanding, providing space for questions and recognise incongruous non verbal communication

Delegates will be able to benchmark their own mindset against high performing leaders, using the proprietary self assessment questionnaire.


This module teaches delegates how to get the best from their teams. It helps them develop emotional intelligence and have inspirational, positive conversations to boost performance.

  • Appreciate your natural management style and its cultural impact 

  • Recognise differences in others

  • Map your teams onto the Insights Discovery® tool and create a workable action plan to improve relationships and boost performance

  • Inspire your teams to deliver excellent standards of work

  • Catch people doing something right… practise positive reinforcement

  • Know how to deliver recognition that is heard and appreciated

  • Understand the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivators

  • Learn to identify and honour colleagues’ values systems

  • Appreciate how your own values influence your management style 

A proprietary Motivation questionnaire will be used to help assess what drives themselves and others.

Motivating Teams
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