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Thriving in a busy work environment 









I have had some very positive feedback. They loved the fact that Savage Communications trainers come from an agency background, understanding the pressures and needs of the clients.



Thank you for such an insightful training day last week, we all came away from it feeling so positive and ready to tackle our busy schedules. 



This was an excellent, hands-on time management training session, appropriate for staff at all levels dealing with conflicting deadlines from both internal and external stakeholders.


Participants in this session will learn how to increase their effectiveness, enabling them to achieve greater productivity and revenue for the business. They will understand how to manage projects on time, with minimum over-servicing and with maximum results.

  • Work smarter, not harder

  • Identify and eliminate time stealers

  • Understand the difference between urgent and important

  • Learn how to prioritise

  • Look ahead and plan effectively

  • Give and receive thorough briefings

  • Understand the art of effective meetings

  • Overcome procrastination

  • Deal with interruptions and the unexpected

  • Know how to negotiate and say yes, under your terms

  • Manage up

  • Understand how to prevent over-servicing

  • Adapt to individual energy levels and productivity patterns

  • Handle emails and make full use of electronic tools

Time Management


This course demonstrates how to tap into a set of emotional and social skills that are required for high performance. It explores how emotional intelligence influences the way we express ourselves, cope with challenges and build positive relationships. It explores the 4 constructs of emotional intelligence: self awareness, self management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Delegates will come away with a deeper understanding of how to build relationships, positively influence others and manage your own emotions.

  • Master the art of empathy

  • Recognise and understand emotions

  • Notice your triggers and manage your response

  • Adopt a growth mindset

  • Appreciate the knowledge and experience others bring to the agency

  • Understand the limiting effect assumptions can have

  • Learn how to build relationships and establish common ground

  • Get to know your personal communication preferences

  • Get your message across in a way that is ‘elegantly assertive’

Emotional Intelligence


Corporate life is vibrant, varied and dynamic, which is why we love it. However, it also brings challenges: managing demanding clients, juggling multiple projects and often working long hours. This workshop is designed to help professionals be even more resilient to the realities of working in a busy environment. It teaches them how to deal with stress, how to reframe challenging situations and how to adopt a problem solving mindset.

  • Navigate bumps in the road with a cool head and solution-focused attitude

  • Lead by example at all times, PROTECTING the team not PROJECTING your anxiety

  • Create constructive support networks – not unhelpful over-sharing or moaning

  • See things through a RATIONAL not EMOTIONAL lens

  • Manage up, coming armed with solutions not problems

  • Reframe setbacks as learning experiences

  • Understand your own limiting beliefs and how they can lead to negativity

  • Appreciate the power of positivity and optimism

  • Develop flexibility and adaptability skills

  • Use tried and tested problem-solving strategies 

  • Deal with issues head on, taking personal responsibility and control, not allocating blame

  • Understand the psychology of stress and its physiological impact

  • Establish a healthy work-life balance, including diet, sleep and exercise

  • Understand your stress triggers and know exactly what to do when they arise


This workshop offers practical techniques for feeling more confident in handling other people and dealing with difficult situations. It looks at how to get tougher with clients, customers and colleagues, while staying true to your values.

  • Listen to your self talk and reframing negative assumptions

  • Use assertive language to avoid apologising, justifying and defending

  • Take a positive approach to life and work

  • Communicate with confidence and gravitas

  • Push back and saying no

  • Manage unreasonable expectations

  • Prepare for difficult conversations

  • Manage conflict 

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